Iran is considered to be located on the world copper belt and is extensively involved in copper mining . Molybdenum is produced as a by product of copper mining and this metal is found in copper concentrates produced by National Iranian Copper Industries Company
To achieve economic and industrial independency after Islamic revolution of Iran, extraction of molybdenum sulfur and production of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys with higher added values considered strategic and beneficial and plans and efforts to reach this goal followed in the years 1364 &1365, but actual production of molybdenum for export after internal needs were satisfied was not realized until 1375.
Increase in the number of producers of molybdenum in Iran and difficulties in importing molybdenum sulfur added with problems caused by the global economy, created sever problems for Iranian producers of molybdenum alloys which forced them to establish the association of producers and exporters of molybdenum in 1389 to boost the achievement of their industry goals. This association which was formed by majority of the companies involved has performed its crucial roles in several difficult situations satisfactorily